My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.


on September 11, 2010

Been a busy week, was really ill again with my back at weekend and didnt have much chance to recoup before starting back at work after 16 weeks off.  This week I’ve done 3 hours a day as I am still waiting for an occupational health assessment… next week is the same until ive had the assessment.

When I spoke to Julie as far as I was aware my secondment was finishing and I was going back to Banking, this week Ive had a meeting with the business partner for banking who told me i had put in a resignation letter.  I’d love to see it mind, although it wasnt nice trying to explain how i was seconded as none of the managing staff seem to know as there have been so many changes… im now on Carolines team after a very upsetting thursday and have been told i have to retrain for a job i already know how to do.  im not overly happy with it but there seems to be nothing i can do, at least im still getting paid i suppose.

Anyway have had all my uni materials through so have made a good start on the level 3 course that im doing although there seems to be alot more work on the level 2 course.  will be having a read through the rest of the chapter before starting on the activities this weekend.


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