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Our Pampered Pooch is Groomed Ready for Whitby

on August 12, 2010

Well as far as we know Pepsi has never been to the groomers before and it was a long and comical process.  There we times when I had Pepsi sat on my shoulder, at other times she was sat on my head! She wriggled and moved about the entire time apart from while she was went she was in the shower which seemed to be the easiest bit, she loves a bath and brush just not while someone has a pair of clippers near her, she was surprisingly good, especially when the last time we took her to anywhere that had a table like that she got two needles stuck in the back of her neck.  But she was really really good and I was really proud of her.  She had a growl at the groomers son at first but then when he came in and gave her a stroke she was absolutely fine. 

This is what she now looks like after being such a good puppy and waiting while she was clipped 🙂


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