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Preparation for our Whitby Walks

on August 11, 2010

I’ve been worried for a while that whilst we are in Whitby Andrew is going to have to walk the dog everywhere, which isn’t fair but I didn’t know how much of her pulling my back could take.  Anyway, in preparation Pepsi has been to the vets to have her annual injections and also to be microchipped so we won’t have any worries if she is lost for any reason.  We asked at the vets about her pulling as it isn’t nice to feel like you’re constantly pulling back a 3 stone dog who wants to explore every niche, chase every bird and fight with every other dog they see, it isn’t fair on the dog or the owner.  The vets suggestion was a halti.  Now when we first put this on Pepsi wasn’t too sure and we have had a few times where she tried to pull out of it or indeed did pull out of it but more often than not she forgot about it.

We went for a walk around Lakeside which at my current pace took an hour and fifteen and I felt like I was walking at a fairly moderate speed.  I have to say, Pepsi was faced with a big lake that she wasn’t allowed to swim in, ducks and swans to chase, children and adults alike to jump up at and lots of other dogs.  On the whole she did very well with only 3 occasions where she managed to pull the halti off her nose and we put it straight back on.   She didn’t jump up at people, a gent walked by with a little boy that was seemingly clinging to him for dear life, I pulled Pepsi’s lead back to the shortest length and we sat on the other side of the path and waited for them to pass.  The gent said the little boy was wary of dogs and I am happy to help if I can keep Pepsi calm by letting him see that not all dogs jump up – and she didn’t!  The little boys passing remark was: ‘That lady and doggy were nice, it didn’t jump and the lady said hello.’  It made me smile.

We got closer to the water after that and this is what we faced:


I really thought that Pepsi was going to pull and run at them, she didn’t; instead she walked smartly past them while the swans spat warnings and the ducks quacked.  It wasn’t until we got much further down the the lake path that we ran into a bit of a fray.  There was a group of 4 gents walking two lovely looking border collies, one male (Fin) and one female (Ellie) and although Pepsi got on very well with Fin and was happy to share a gravy bone with him, she really didn’t want to share any with Ellie, with the help of the halti I was able to pull Pepsi to heal, gave Ellie’s owner the treat so she wasn’t left out and we moved on.  After that we were chased around the lake by a swan that followed us at the edge of the water and I don’t even think Pepsi realised it was there.  She said hello to another dog and in no time at all we were back at the car having a drink each.  Pepsi happily collapsed on the back seat after her drink and treat and stayed nice and calm all the way home.  We took the halti off and being as it was the most walking that I have done for a while as well, (it took around 75 minutes) we decided to come for a lie down as I haven’t had any tablets today and it was starting to show.  Pepsi liked the idea of bed 🙂


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