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Todays Musings

on August 6, 2010

Well, been a strange day really, it started off normal don’t get me wrong.  But then the path of normality got a little skewed and then completely twisted and now it is only slightly bent, will be straight again (hopefully) when I go to pick my ever loving husband up from work (and tell him all of this, in which case I know there will be anger, arguments and hopefully a little bit of erm, what’s the word, I feel like I’ve had a brain op not a back op, my tablets are addling my brain.  I bit of support – well i think that is the word but I mean it in a more loving way (like hugs and cuddles – you can do it sort of thing) well hopefully).

So like I said, we started with lunch at Nando’s which took me 6 stops on the way from the car park and but was very enjoyable – and then took me 9 stops on the way back to the car park.  Andrew walked me back to the car and then headed off for work as I did the same thing – a scary thought when I haven’t set foot in the building for 13 weeks.  Security were nice enough to let me park in the disabled bay so I didn’t have to walk to far and then I managed to get in.  It sounds daft but I was terrified that it has been so long since I was last in that my pass would need reactivating by the powers that be in security upstairs.  I scanned it whilst holding my breath and even the guard on the desk was surprised that it worked.  Phase one passed.  Phase two get a coffee went fine and I said a nice hello from all the people I know from Banking on the ground floor and I moved on to phase 3 – get myself up to and in to the collections and recoveries department I currently work for and face all my team who I haven’t seen for 13 weeks.  That seemed to go okay and since my manager had gone out on an impromptu lunch I got to speak to more of them than expected which was nice.  Things started to get a bit skewed from here on in.

Julie got back (my brilliant manager who I can’t thank enough) and we went into one of the meeting rooms where she promptly checked that I was okay on the chairs in there or did I need another one, I just sat and filled in the forms that mail had sent back to me, for some strange reason as a member of staff sending in health forms to my manager I need a Santander account number.  Julie was as confused as me by this.  Then the talk started, it went from everything on my end like how the op and hospital treatment went to how I am now progressing what my Dr has said and when all my other (millions) of appointments are.  Then we got onto work stuff and the path for the day twisted itself into a knot (as well as my throat and stomach).  When I applied for the role in collections and recoveries it was on the understanding that it was a 6 month contract that would be treated as an internal secondment as I would have been TUPE’d over from Sitel by the time I started working for Santander and thus would already be a member of Santander staff.  But (there’s always a but isn’t there?) I had to apply as an internal candidate which means even though my secondment started on 29 March – I still don’t have a contract of any kind.  Julie has been the best manager in the world and it seems that this is now on its way to being fully resolved.  So what’s the problem I here you ask?  Well the last two sets of 6 month fixed term contracts with collections and recoveries are NOT being renewed.  This includes mine.  So at this point, I knew I was off sick and didn’t even know if I had a job to come back to, so I felt sick with worry but as I have a brill manager, only for a minute or so.  She has been completely assured, that I WILL have a job to come back to and when the contract with C&R finishes I will move back down to the ground floor to banking.  All good, the path is now only slightly skewed because as it stands at the minute my return to work is set 4 weeks before the end of that contract and the first two weeks at least will be a phased return… I will need retraining on the systems as I hadn’t been using them for very long and then by the time I’m back up and running will be shipped back down to be retrained on banking, (a system I still now with my eyes shut – in fact I was told I was answering general banking queries in my sleep (out loud) a few nights back by Andrew) but obviously there have been changes, like the addition of the Alliance and Leicester accounts onto our system and just an update on security which shouldn’t be too much as I continued to take some banking calls whilst on C&R (naughty me helping the customer).  It makes no sense to retrain me on 1 system for 2 weeks and then retrain me on another straight after so Santander are doing the sensible thing of putting me straight on a phased return to banking.  Fine by me apart from the fact that Julie will no longer be my manager when I come back to work 😦

I have to explain this to Andrew in a way that means he doesn’t get the wrong end of the stick before I finish my sentence otherwise there will be fireworks tonight – and not the pretty kind either.  (No he doesn’t read this blog).  So at the moment I’m not quite back to the straight path I like that means bed time with tablets and maybe a film.

I have however built up the guts this afternoon to enter a writing competition.  I know I’ve entered competitions before, but never one I have had to pay for.  I took an old assignment from A215, went through every comment my tutor had put on to rectify all the issues (I only lost 5 marks according to him so I hope they like it too – especially with the little edits it needed, like keeping the tense the same and putting the right apostrophes in the right places.  This one cost me £5 and has the chance of a monetary win (would be nice) and a chance to be published (would be great).  The deadline is 31st August so hopefully I will hear something not long after, one way or another.


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