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Beginners Gardening ; Early July

on July 19, 2010


Well the old tomato plant has nearly finished as it only has 1 tomato on it left to ripen. The two new plants are doing really well and now have lots and lots of little yellow flowers on them; hopefully this means that I will get lots and lots of lovely little cherry tomatoes off them! I am assuming that they are going to fruit soon.

My broad beans were doing really well until we went and stayed away over night for the weekend, the wind must have been really bad as it had blown them off the side they perch on and it had caused some of them to snap and die. However, once I’d removed the dead plants I did see lots of little broad bean pods coming through on the others which is really pleasing.

I need to empty one of the pots that I tried with carrots, chives and onions as it seems to be really struggling but I’m not sure if this is due to the amount of rain we have had as it always seems to be retaining water.

I need to try and contain all my basil and sweet basil in one pot now as it seems to be taking over the house, it’s growing really well and although I use it in my cooking my husband doesn’t as he is worried he will kill the plant if he touches it, due to this it has grown really tall. I think what I might do is get a really large planter for outside that I can contain all my herbs in – I could even put my apple mint in there as long as I leave it in another pot so the roots can’t take over.

My Sweet Banana pepper is doing really well now, it is really tall and even has 1 tiny pepper growing on it now, I’m so excited – I can’t wait until it turns yellow and we can try it but that isn’t going to be for a while as it still has the flower on the base of it.

I need to thin my carrots as they are doing really well, but it has to be an indoor project one evening as we’re back into the time that we get carrot root fly and I don’t want them getting in my carrots, they are potted rather than in the ground so they should be protected as the fly only goes so high from the ground apparently but I don’t want to take any chances.

I think my strawberry plants are done for the season, but I have had some absolutely gorgeous strawberries from them, really sweet and tasty, so hopefully next years crop will, be even better!

Cucumbers – these are the bane of my new hobby, I just can’t seem to get it right with them, after a talk with my Gran I was told that my Grandad hated growing cucumbers as well as he struggled with them but he grew everything else. I’m glad I’m not the only one that can’t do them but I must admit that after killing two cucumber plants I’m giving up on them!

I hope that everyone else’s gardening attempts are going well and may they put plenty of fresh food on your plate!


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