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First Day Back At Home!

on July 18, 2010

Well today was my first full day back at home and I must admit am a lot easier and brighter because of it.  Don’t get me wrong the painkillers and other tablets are still a must, as is the zimmer frame that I have, although there are parts of the house where there are enough things for me to hold on to that I don’t need to use them constantly thank goodness. 

I spent last night opening mail and going through things to try and catch up with everything – I managed to sit downstairs for an hour or so before I had to lay back down on the bed and that was after a car journey as well.  Today My mum and Dave called with Sarah and Roan on their way back from Skegness, unfortunately Roan’s poorly – hope he’s better soon. xxx I managed to sit downstairs for 3 hours and had a little bit of movement as well around the downstairs, even taking two of the sweetcorn plants that I have out of the outdoors pot for my mum to pot at home in bigger pots.  Although by the end of the three hours I was quite sore I managed it and it’s a lot more than I have managed in the past 10 weeks.  Hopefully things are looking up now and I’m on the mend.

I also weighed myself while I was downstairs, I have lost 3lbs this week after an stay the same last week, hopefully now I have some mobility the extra little bits of movement will help me earn activity points and lose more weight 🙂 onwards and downwards to a slimmer me!  I’m now 23lbs lighter after 7 weeks of weight watchers and am half way through the 15 stones.  I have gained my 3rd silver seven today and am only 1lb off my 10% so hopefully I will get that next week. My BMI has dropped from 43 to 38 as well. Here are my new goals:

  • Lose 1lb and gain 10% keyring and booklet.
  • Lose 5lbs and will have lost 2 stone gaining my 4th silver seven.
  • Lose 7.5lbs for my BMI to drop from 38 to 37.
  • Lose 8lbs and will be in the 14 stone bracket.

I will achieve this as my journey continues and will be setting other goals on the journey too as I complete these ones…

I also came home to an acceptance of a poem for united press.  Yay! that’s five publishing credits to my name now 🙂


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