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Time to go home!

on July 17, 2010

Well today is the day that I go home!  I have seen the physio yesterday and they made me go up and down the stairs, which was shattering in itself!  it was much harder going down than up, at least I can go up the stairs on my hands and knees if i need to, but downstairs is much harder as the rail is on the same side as my bad side that means I’ve got to put all my weight on my arms and the rail while i can transfer the weight back onto my good side.

The hospital is sending me home with physio exercises – 7 of them that I’ve had to write down to remember them all!  I wont bore you with the intricacies of them on here though…

This morning I woke up very stiff and couldn’t move – I asked for some pain relief at 6am and got the normal tablets that I would normally take at 8am, so by the time 10am had come I was in agony again.  I had the new pain killers but they didn’t seem to do anything, I know I have to let them kick in but I do hope that they settle soon as I’m obviously not allowed to take any of the orramorph (morphine) home with me, so I don’t want to be in pain at home…

They have moved me onto the main ward today with lots of older ladies and some of the conversations I have listened to have made me chuckle – they’re all after one of the male health care assistants.  They were all talking about how good he smells and the dreams that they had last night about him and a younger version of themselves! lol  The lady that is next to me is endearing, the stories that she has told me are lovely – she has to have another operation on her knee but they are waiting for a surgeon and equipment from the usa! she should me having it done on monday but she’s been in the hospital waiting for it for 6 weeks!  she fell at home and broke her kneecap, feel so sorry for her as she is completely bed ridden and that is something that i can definitely relate to!

I was right about my health, it has got better day by day and today with the aid of the zimmer frames that i have been given, I have been able to get about a little bit, only about 5 meters away from where ever i am laid at the time.  My backs a little sore today but i think that’s because I’ve been moving around a lot more than the past couple of days.

So tonight Andrew and his grandad are collecting me from hospital and taking me home, with both of my zimmer frames – one for upstairs and one for downstairs so I’ve always got one to hand.  Most of my tablets have arrived – i have to take 7 at a time, 3 times a day and another 4 once a day… so I’m taking 25 tablets a day and thats without any sickness tablets that i’ve been given… the majority of my stomach is covered in bruises as well as my arms…

Can’t wait to get home to my brilliant lovely husband and my little cuddly dog!


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