My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

medical update:

on July 16, 2010

Had the operation on my back last Saturday, was very sick with the anaesthetic on Saturday night but was sent home on Sunday.  Slept Sunday night to wake up on Monday morning physically unable to move, I couldn’t roll over, get out of bed, sit up or anything… so I called an ambulance and the paramedics managed to lift me onto a chair with some gas and air (well lots really) and got me back to Doncaster Royal Infirmary.  I then spent 5 hours in A&E – the first 2 I wasn’t even allowed to see Andrew who had come in the ambulance with me because I hadn’t been assessed!  It was so frustrating.  I hadn’t been able to move all day and was desperate for a wee, they had to ply me with morphine to get me off the flat bed so I could use a commode (not a pleasant experience) and then back onto the bed.  I was in my pyjamas and felt a little bear so they left me wrapped in the blanket that the paramedics had used to wrap me up, bless them.

After 5 hours in A & E an orthopaedic surgeon came and examined me to see what was causing the pain.  He went back through the rigour of the full examination to make sure it wasn’t still being caused by a slipped disc on my nerves and eventually admitted me back onto ward 3.  I was plied with more morphine and tried to sleep that night, but spent the majority of it in tears due to the amount of pain i was in.  On the Tuesday I still couldn’t get out of bed and was still having a lot of problems rolling over unless I’d just had some medications, I was trying so hard to get out of bed because I wanted a wash and wee and couldn’t get myself to the edge of the bed.  The nurses left me for 2 hours in pain, crying after I’d asked for help.  When they finally came they offered me the use of a commode to which I had to explain the obvious that I couldn’t get myself off the bed, they then offered me a bed pan which I was unable to use as I was unable to balance on it properly and hold myself in the right position.  They eventually sent for someone to do a bowl scan who asked me silly questions like ‘do you feel you need to go to the toilet?’ it was obvious I did as I’d spent the day in pain trying to get up.  She did the scan and surprise surprise found that my bladder was completely full and pushing back into the stomach.  She was very surprised.  The nurses came back and had to fit a catheter which was an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience.

Then I was moved back into the same room I was in on Ward 5 just in the opposite bed and on Wednesday spent a very unpleasant day being sick every time I moved, or ate or drank.  In the end, I had to have an injection at the top of my leg that was so painful it made me swear!  I don’t like injections at the best of times but this one was horrid.  The physio came 3 times during that day, the first two times I told him how sick I had been and after the second time he told me he would come back on Thursday (yesterday)  not ten minutes later while I had my head hung over the bedside in a sick bowl retching he had returned with a Zimmer frame for me to try!  Both the nurses informed him that he would have to wait a day because I definitely wasn’t up to getting up.  So late that night, even with the bag attached to me I really needed the loo, I asked the nurses for some morphine and waited for that to kick in, pulled myself up onto the frame and pushed myself across the corridor with much difficulty and then had just as many problems going – I mean, I know lads can wee without sitting down but how do you go to the loo without sitting down?  It was a horrid combination of hovering and having to stand back up and then hovering again.  Although after a week without going I did feel better when I managed it and have now been turning down the senna.

Thursday morning was horrid though, the nurses wanted me to get up for a wash rather than a bowl next to the bed they wanted me to get up and sit in the chair to do it and bearing in mind I’d only managed to get up the night before and fight through the pain with morphine we ended up arguing during which the nurse asked was I doing my exercises off the physio, I told her he hadn’t given me any because I was being sick when he came the day before, she said ‘no I mean the exercises you were given before you were discharged…’ I told her I hadn’t seen a physio on the Sunday before I was discharged or a doctor.  She told me the notes said otherwise, contacted physio to find out what the exercises were and was told in no uncertain circumstances had they given me any, in fact they didn’t even know I was an in patient!  So in stead, the morning wash started after some morphine, and I still was unable to sit down so I had to do stood up which was painful in itself but could have been a lot worse.  The physio came later on and I told her that I’d managed to get up but with the help of morphine.  She gave me some core muscle exercises to do while lay down and then asked me to stand and walk, using the frame of course.  I showed her what I was able to do and she said she was happy for the catheter to come out.  Luckily she didn’t make me do too much before letting me collapse back into bed.

Today has been another thing altogether, I got up for a wee about 2 hours after the catheter was taken out and I hadn’t had my normal tablets so I was in agony by the time I got back.  Then the doctor came in and said he was changing my tablets and aiming to get me home today or tomorrow, as yet I’m still awaiting these tablets so it’s lucky I fought to stay in another day because I think the extra day will give me the extra confidence with the frame and as I’ve been a little better each day I should be a little better again tomorrow.  The physio’s came back this morning and asked me to walk down the corridor and back, said I was still walking to one side, but the one that was with me yesterday confirmed (which I had told her) that the same had been picked up weeks ago before I even knew I had slipped discs.  He gave me some exercises to do on the bed 6 times once every hour and then left me to collapse.  After dinner they both came back and we went to the stairs, I managed to get to the top without too much difficulty although I felt like I’d run a marathon when I got there and then coming down was ten times harder because I was having to lean on my bad side to hold onto the rail.  They decided that I was safe on the stairs and could manage to go home today – after being assured that I could wait a day until I felt comfortable in myself I was now being told to arrange transport, I explained again and again that Andrew had the key and was at work so even if I could arrange transport I’d be going to an empty house (also locked) so I was told that they would arrange an ambulance.  When I asked was it going to dump me on the street with my things it seemed to sink in with the staff nurse that the house was locked it wasn’t just a transportation issue, she told me it was silly to have only one key.  I agreed and told her I wasn’t stupid enough to have only one key but picking up my keys when I was being rushed out of the house in an ambulance really didn’t give me the time to think of keys and phones and my purse.  I had to wait for Andrew to bring them late the next day.  Luckily Angie managed to sort it all out for me and I am going home tomorrow night at around 8pm.  Dad came to see me today as well which was nice – he brought me some puzzle books and a pasta 🙂 it was nice to see him, and tell him everything that’s happened.  He said he’d wait another day as well if he was me.  When he went I managed to walk down to the end of the little reception area and say bye before going to the toilet and then collapsing back onto the bed, have had 2 lots of morphine since then as the new tablets still haven’t arrived…


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