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Nil By Mouth…

on July 9, 2010

Nil By Mouth – ‘Just In Case’


Nil by mouth is what they do

When you’re waiting for an operation

First off the ward isn’t so bad

But if you miss all your meals and it’s cancelled

It can feel like you’re suffering needlessly


The waiting list is always huge

Specialists are high in demand

Patient care is left to the nurses

Who aren’t always trained in the illness

Leaving you wondering, have you done right


With no one to answer your questions

As the surgeons and specialists elude you

The waiting game ensues on the ward

And you’re nil by mouth ‘just in case’ there is a slot

You wait and wait, but no operation yet.


The slot doesn’t come, you’re faint and fuzzy

Because tablets lay heavy on an empty tummy

While you were nil by mouth – ‘just in case’

Well the ‘just in case’ never came through

Another Part of the hospitals elusive role


Oh well, tomorrow from 2am, nil by mouth again…

                       Just in case.


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