My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Surgeons Update

on July 8, 2010

surgeon gave me 3 choices, first was to go home and deal with my own pain management, bed rest and let it get better itself – he gave me this one and then told me it wasn’t an option for me because of where the disc is pressing… the second is an injection in the back, it only works on 2/3s of people that have it, and out of the ones it works on 1/3 of them come back for either more injections or surgery. it can take 4-6 weeks to take effect, and i would still have a lot of pain in my leg until it did… the third option is to have the surgery, its a two hour operation, under general anaesthetic, it would mean having part of the disc removed. it would stop the pain in my leg immediately and full recovery and back to work takes 4-6 weeks. 2% of people have to have further surgery, sometimes to remove scar tissue or extra bits of the disc. ( a lot less than the injection) and there is a 0.02% of paralysis and death…
After talking it through with Andrew I have decided to have the operation, it means i have to fast again from 2am in case a slot comes open but the nurse on duty said that would be more likely for the injection as it’s a much quicker procedure, dunno whether surgeon works sat/sun so it could be monday or tuesday dependant xxx


Andrew has been brilliant he went to Tesco’s and got me some new jammies, undies and socks, magazines and weight watchers treats – still keeping on track even though I’m in here and keep being starved for the mornings…

Love him loads and loads and miss him loads at nights xxxx


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