My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.


on July 7, 2010

Hospital Ward


The blinds are drawn as the night closes in

And the lights flicker as the shift is changed

Silence has replaced the machines horrid din

And despite it all no medication has been arranged.


The ward fills quickly as A and E overflows

And the doctors are run off their feet

I’m lay here on the bed trying to doze

But I’m really struggling due to the heat!


There are ladies here with different pains

The beds are completely full now

Still the staff work tirelessly for little gain

To make sure they fulfil their medical vow.


The murmur starts again as rounds begin

And a doctor appears for a crash victim

Still I’m left waiting for all my sins

As I lie on the wards outer rim.


As you can see I’ve been admitted to hospital today, I came in at 10.30 for an appointment at 10.45, was finally seen 2 hours later and the next thing I knew I’d been admitted to a ward.  I’ve been for a horrid MRI scan and then had to wait for ages for my normal pain relief – which even at 11.30pm still hasnt been prescribed… Oh well, a surgeon has come to talk to me to tell me that I have 2 slipped discs, 1 lower down and 1 higher up apparently but every time he starts telling me what the next step is, his bloody bleeper goes off and he has to run back to A and E.  Fingers crossed I might know by the time the night is out as I’m unlikely to sleep.  Especially as I’m without tablets…


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