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on June 30, 2010

Well I have decided to close down my other blogs as I never use them but dont want to lose the posts so I am going to put them on here x

Week One, day one 6 May 2009

Well, I’ve been to weight watchers, lost 0.5lbs this week which I’m happy with. Walked there and back so 2 miles done straight away, done half an hour dance workout dvd and walked an hour with the dog…
Had no point soup for lunch with bread and am having chicken curry for tea – yummy 🙂
Dog’s currently asleep next to me – so im not the only one that is tired…

Got two quotes for flowers yesterday and today, completely different, £220 or £110 for exactly the same flowers with the same decorations – how does that work? Certainly wont be getting them from the first shop, thats for sure.

Monday, March 02, 2009

A Fresh Start

Reet. Am fed up of gaining weight, I’ve gained nearly half a stone or more since I left WeightWatchers so have decided to point things again at home, have managed to find a link to a decent points calculator that i can use online and not have to try and work it out or guesstimate.
So today is the first day of weightwatching again and this time I’m determined. I have got a little sheet to write all my daily points in and keep track, somewhere to keep track of liquids and mood as well 🙂 ive even got 3 pilates dvd’s and the Dirty Dancing Exercise DVD :0)

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Writers Prompts: Your mother has just returned from a distant planet and brought you back an alien pet, describe it in detail.

Its about a foot high with stretchy skin, pinky purple in colour. He has tenticals on his head that move around with little eyes on top. He is called Litty and has 3 legs and 6 arms – do you know how difficult it is to get clothes to fit? His favourite food is Tuna with gravy, uuuggh, and he likes to drink cherryaide. He has no sense of smell but has very good eyesight and even better hearing, he can hear higher pitches than dogs! He sleeps in a mini bed next to mine and has a little blanket that he curls up with 🙂

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Journal Jars

Ive just found this idea and love it:
These are the neatest things! It would be easy enough to give someone a book on memoir-writing, and tell them to just start writing. And that might be motivation enough. However, a whole book can be overwhelming to some people, or they may just not take the time to read the whole thing. Another way to get someone (including yourself!) writing about his or her life is to give them a "journal jar".
Make a list of questions you would want to know about that person’s life. Consider all the things you want to know about your great-grandparents, for instance, the questions you never got answered. Write these questions down on paper, and cut the paper into little strips, one question per strip. Place the strips in an empty jar, either pretty glass or even a cleaned-out empty peanut butter jar. The theory behind a journal jar is that the recipient will remove a slip of paper each day/week/month, and respond to the question. Each question is meant to evoke a memory, hopefully encouraging the person to WRITE THAT STORY DOWN (or at least share it verbally). You can make the jar pretty by covering the lid with fabric and a ribbon.
Don’t hesitate to make one for yourself too! Any way you can encourage YOURSELF to save your stories is wonderful! And remember, each of these journal jar prompts can be the subject of a scrapbook page! You will never lack a subject for a page again!
Ive also found a list of kids questions that I really like so will be using them as prompts for my blog from now on to see if any good ideas come from them 🙂

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I went to the doctors this morning because of my back, its beed bad for nearly 4 weeks now and yesterday Andrew had a go at me because i was limping. The good news was my doctor prescribed no house work for 8-12 weeks (in front of Andrew), unfortunately she decided that she needed a new blood test for my Thyroxine levels that was only done 4-5 months ago, not being a fan of needles i opted to have it done there and then, a student nurse, 2 nurses and 4 needles later I am left with 3 massive bruises and the nurses were left with no blood, I now have to go to Doncaster Royal Infirmary to have the blood taken this afternoon. Not looking forward to it, I have very sore arms and feeling rather sick, keep going light headed too, not feeling great for the poor sod that has to try and take the blood this afternoon because im more likely to pass out now….
On the otherside of things I have nearly finished my Winnie the Pooh kit that i got free with the magazine, it looks quite good, I’m quite happy with it.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

Well that job didnt last long, bloody temping agencies. Am waiting to find out if I have got a new job today, fingers crossed.
Think I’m getting there with uni, just have a commentary to write for TMA 3 I think and then I can get on with the BRB.
Cadets has all gone to pot and theres nothing I can do about it at the moment. Really fed up, had no get up and go what so ever the past week or so.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Job

Started a new job today and am sooo glad to be working again. Everything seemed a little boring to be honest, but thats because I dont understand most of it. I did get to speak to a customer on the phone and also do some bits on the computer at least and am on my own in the morning doing some medial task that I’ve managed to get my head around at last. hopefully though it will get better and more interesting. :0)

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Got told that I have that job and start on Monday, have also been asked to run the wing netball team and work on the selection board for the hockey team as well… going to be busy this weekend, have to go home and get extra coaching folders and hockey sticks tomorrow and on Sunday I have to go to Castleford to run a six hour netball session and select the team. Hopefully all will go well.

A bit down after Wednesday nights fiasco at squadron but sure will feel better soon.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Still Waiting

Still waiting to find out if I have got that job, getting fed up now though, been to the job centre and also been to the bank to see if I cen have Andrew’s name put onto my account. Thought getting married was serious? Now we’re talking about sharing money 🙂 lol we have an appointment tomorrow to do just that 🙂

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Blues

Well, been up since seven!! When i didnt set any alarms or even have to be up, had a shower and even had Bobby out of his cage running in his ball for over an hour by the time Andrew had gotten up at nine. Just nipped out to Tesco’s to get some bits and its raining again 😦 Done some sewing and started the Mothers Day Cards for mum and Kim – Scrubs is on but I cant be bothered with it, so gonna do some more on the sewing… not sure what Andrew’s doing at the moment – hes on the computer – probably on some game or other. Getting fed up, worrying about money all the time is starting to get me down and so is Andrew. I must actually do some coursework tomorrow, at least by the end of the day I’ll know tomorrow whether I’ve got this job, I just want to get straight. Gonna call Welcome Finance now and argue about the extra £25 they cost me in getting a new log book and the cost of travel from Doncaster to Sheffield and the wasted 6 hours getting there and back…

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Got results back!!!!!!!!!

Well I’m still waiting on the results of my interview, but I got some really good feedback the day after, was told I’d know by Tuesday/Wednesday next week… Can’t stand the waiting anymore now, but at least I’ll know when I’ll get an answer one way or the other, I really hope the news is good though. I did however, get my TMA back and I’m over the moon, I got 62% on the last one and on this one I got 93%!!!! Im over the moon I was aiming for the 70%’s so I was never expecting anything near that 🙂

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I’m absolutely shattered now, went to an interview at lunch time and then walked into town to get some bedding from Argos… Now my feet are shattered – just like the rest of me 😦 The bedding is really nice but I’m really nervous about the interview I had. It seemed to go well but I wont know for a few days so now its just a matter of crossing my fingers and waiting which is something I’m not very good at, I’ve already checked for my returned assignment even though my tutor said earlier on today that he hadnt finished marking them 😦

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Grumpy Day

Well today I feel like rubbish, had a pounding head for 2 days straight and woke up this morning with the same after spending a night tossing and turning…
Theres a bridal fair on tday that I really wanted to go to but Kim seems to have arranged our life for us so we cant go as shes accepted invitations on our behalf 😦 gutted 😦 best get up or else I’ll get moaned at again… At least my assignment’s gone in, that’s one less thing to do :0) just have to get car sorted tomorrow… and kick off with Welcome Finance about it. Have a good day x

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Friday, January 02, 2009


Well after loads of phone calls and searching, it turns out that the reason I cant find my registered keepers document or have had a V11 to tax my car is because Welcome Car Finance never sent off the documents to change the registered keeper to me!!!! What a pain, I now have to go to the office in Sheffield on Monday, with 2 other forms, all my documents and a bank statement and driving liscence… great, a 90 minute bus ride to do that and a fee of £25 – that i dont think i should have to pay because i never had the bloody v5c in the first place on top of my tax!!!!
Welcome Finance had passed my account to a debt collectors because last months payment hadnt been made, i phoned to pay it this morning as when i phoned on New Years Eve at 3.15 they were closed! Its a normal working day! My bank was open until 5pm, why weren’t they??? Any way, I asked the woman if she knew why they hadnt received the payment, she hadnt, so I explained that Welcome ‘forgot’ to set up the direct debit, they ticked the box and didnt put the bank details in so when they came to take the payment (which incidentally was sat in my bank) the computer system was assumed psychic and wasn’t – what a surprise!!! so they’ve been chasing me to get a payment that they should have taken… how’s that my fault? I could understand if they had set it up properly and i didnt have the money in or something but that wasnt the case…
At least, my new insurance is showing on the DVLA’s system and I now know how to get the tax and registration changed but I wont be happy if I have to pay the extra £25 for someone elses issue!

Any way, off I got to fill in these forms so that if i do get stopped on the way back to Doncaster I can explain the situation and prove to an extent that it isnt my fault.

Hope fully my next blog post wont be a rant 🙂 am doing a freewrite on my other blog later about a new years eve kiss with some random bloke off the street….

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Morning 😦

Well I managed to get to sleep at 6, and then got woken up at 12, not impressed, am tired and grumpy now, i have a headache and a sore ear.
i still havent made a start on jano, i havent even bothered getting dressed yet, still in my pjs…

i have a list of things that i have to get done today no matter what and the really annoying thing is – i can’t be bothered! still in manchester and i have a staff meeting at 7 in doncaster so i do have to sort my car tax out and all the rest of it, but with just a print out to show ive paid my insurance i dont know whether they will accept it 😦

i cant stay in manchester though because they are sending the insurance document to andrews in doncaster, so im now in the middle of a mass disscussion about if im best paying online which i think i am because at least then it will show up on the systems that the police use, any way, low battery, am off to do it before the laptop dies.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2009, I hope it’s better than 2008 for everyone!

It’s happened again!!! Ive seen a writing challenge and decided to join… when i did nano i found it was too much to get to 50k in a month but really enjoyed it, so i have set myself a personal target of 20k on jano and hopefully now that im settled in to a215 i will be able to make it, i will update scores as and when on here, havent started yet though so still at a pitiful zero. That will go up over the next few days though, especially when ive finished writing the commentary for tma 2 – or even started it for that matter… i just dont seem to be able to do it here as i only have access to the pdfs rather than the full books and it just isnt the same – i like the tangible feel of holding a book in my hands and physically turning the pages which is probably why as well as this blog, my writing blog and uni work i still write in a diary and do all my drafts on paper, the only exception being writing challenges as it would take 2 or 3 times as long to do one draft thus not being able to meet the deadlines…

I wish you all a happy and creative new year and am now off to sleep as it is 5.12 am and i havent even dozed yet, with a long drive ahead later on today thats not the best thing in the world.

Night all

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

The past year

This collage has photo’s in from when Andrew and I first met up to now.

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I pulled out of Nano this year as I was really struggling to keep up the pace and do uni work and look for a job at the same time, I finished at 12,662 words and have enough research to complete the story on a much higher word count when I get time to edit and rewrite the beginning so I dont block myself in.

The anthology I wanted to do is now complete and has been on sale from November 26th, ’08. It is available from and all proceeds are being sent to Cancer Research UK, so far we have raised £119.99 which I’m over the moon with!

On December 1st, 08 Lauren Brown challenged me to write a poem a day for the Advent to Christmas, I put the last one on face book at four am yesterday morning completing the challenge. I really enjoyed doing the poems and although I will probably find I have a little more time on my hands, I will continue to write them as and when they come to me as the next section of A215 is poetry and I’m hoping that I’ll learn something about the structure.

Yesterday was Christmas day and it was my first with Andrew and his family, I had a really good day and dinner was lovely. I must admit though that I really missed being at home and seeing the kids open their presents and seeing Mum and Dave and Dad and Lynn, Nana and Grandad and Gran and Bob although I did manage to speak to them all… I managed to take the time to write in my diary yesterday as well and update it. I got some gorgeous presents, my favourite being the pen and pencil set that Andrew got me, its mottled red and I have a new notebook to go with it as well.

We went to Trina’s for lunch today, the living room was tiny and yet we managed to fit 18 people in there! (and two dogs). I really like the two girls, they’re really nice and always make me feel welcome which means I don’t always feel like the goozeberry because Im not part of the family. I do often feel that way when Pete and Kim are home though, especially if Matthew is home too. We got some really good pictures over the course of the two days.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay, so I thought I’d start a new blog, to keep updated with Nanowrimo. So far at day 11 im at 12,304 words, slightly behind target but I’m getting there.
Since receiving my TMA mark back i seem to have writers block, i was really dissapointed with my result and it seems to have had an adverse affect on my writing, right down to trying to write a shopping list yesterday that i really struggled with – the worst thing is, I really needed to go shopping!
Scrubs is on and I’m procrastinating! Gonna see if i can write a couple of extra hundred words now and see if it helps me get into the swing of things…


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