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Targets 1 – 4 Achieved!

on June 27, 2010

Just a WW update really, I’ve been on weight watchers for 4 weeks now and since start I have lost 15.5lbs, this means I have achieved my first four targets which were:

*1 – get into the sixteen stone bracket, need to lose 2.5lbs 🙂 acheived in week one

*2 – lose my first 7even pounds and get my first silver seven for half a stone 🙂 achieved in week two

*3 – lose 5% of my body weight (13lbs) in total 🙂 achieved in week four

*4 – lose my first stone and gain my 2nd silver 7 🙂 achieved in week four

My next targets are:

*5 – get into the fifteen stone bracket – I need to lose another 1.5lbs

*6 – get to my third silver seven by getting to 21lbs in total – I need to lose another 5.5lbs

*7 – lose 10% of my body weight and gain the keyring at ww meeting – I need to have lost 26lb in total – I have 10.5lbs to go

*8 – lose my second stone – I have 12.5lbs to go for this 🙂

My losses to date are:

Date Weight Loss Total Loss
30/05/2010 17s 2.5lbs na na
06/06/2010 16s 13.5lbs 3lbs 3lbs
13/06/2010 16s 8lbs 5.5lbs 8.5lbs
20/06/2010 16s 6lbs 2lbs 10.5lbs
27/06/2010 16s 1lbs 5lbs 15.5lbs


Also been doing a lot on my Cleopatra cross stitch this is her to date:


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