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From mind to paper and back again.


on June 19, 2010

Been a busy one  so far, been to Manchester as Gran is doggy sitting for the weekend for us as we were at Matthew and Philipa’s wedding today.  Was a nice service and reception, got loads of pictures but not brought the camera lead with me to connect the camera to the laptop to upload them, need to do it soon though as still need to upload the pictures from Emma’s wedding to Kevin on 31st may as well. 

Had tea at mums last night and got home from Manchester at 1am this morning and also had to start driving up  from Doncaster to Berrick at 10am and got here at 2pm due to having to have a few stops and also getting stuck in a traffic jam due to a traffic accident near the Angel of the North.

Anyway, here is this weeks NSV’s for weight watchers and also my scales results:

I had to weigh in a day early this week as I am at a wedding, as my mum is my leader i still used ww scales to do this on.  I have lost 2lbs which is brilliant as I wasn’t expecting to lose anything due to it  being totm this week.  I am going to try a week of kick start this week as I have been struggling to eat all my points, so instead of giving myself a limit of 18 (my current allowance is 24) I am going to try to have at least 18 everyday so its like a target to make sure I am getting enough points in to me on a regular basis.  I am aiming to lose 4lb next week on kick start as i shouldn’t be having totm so will get rid of all this excess water and should be able to lose anyway following plan.  4lbs will cover my 5% target which i am now only 2.5lbs away from and the one after that which is my first stone which is 3.5lbs away.  If I can reach this my next target will be 21lbs for my 3rd silver seven 🙂  Have had a few nsv’s this week which is why the ramble so I am sorry about that, but I have lost 10.5lbs in 3 weeks when i was only aiming for 1lb a week, I have bought some size 18-20 leggings, and a size 18 cardigan that are all too big, my size 18 non stretch trousers are starting to fit now instead of my size 20’s and i was wearing a pair of size 16 control knickers (sorry if too much info) to a wedding today and they kept falling down!  i have saved 16 points this week for the wedding incase the food was high pointed and it was a buffet so I was able to keep tea down to 9 points, and breakfast to 5.5 points with 2 point milk allowance as they only had semi-skimmed and didnt use any points for drinks as i was driving so stuck with diet pop drinks xxxxx really pleased with myself, again sorry for the long post xxxxx
hope everyone has a good week xxxxxx


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