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on June 16, 2010

I’ve had an email from Ethereal Tales telling me that La Luna Del Cacciatore – The Hunters Moon has been shortlisted for issue 8 of their publication 🙂  I’m over the moon that’s 2 in two weeks, fingers crossed I will get in, I have been told I should hear around about the start of July.  Brought a load more stuff back from Kims today as well, am soooo tired and sore after physio, had most of my points today at least since I haven’t been eating all of them recently and on some days have even struggled to have half… will see how things go on Sunday but not expecting a massive loss this week as not been feeling great. 

Done a lot more sewing this week, am happy with the progress that I have made with the piece.  Hopefully I wont have to wait too much longer before I can put it up on the wall and make a start on the next one.  Have got some big pictures on the walls now, my Kandinsky is looking nice and bright on the living room wall where it is brightening up the entire room, also have some Egyptian ones up, 2 papyrus and one print with a smaller print still to go up but need to wait until the nasty neighbours go out so I can put a nail in the wall to put it up on.  Also have a large wedding picture up on the dining room wall with the full wedding party on, looks nice, but I think I might see if I can get a larger print of it as its looking a bit lonely on its own but I haven’t got any other pictures to go with it 😦 Dunno what to do.

So tired now, gonna do some more sewing, watch last nights Glee and hope that Andrew has completely fixed the washing machine and that I can get some washes done tonight and tomorrow so we actually have some clean clothes to wear, it’s been doing my head in recently that ive not been able to do the cleaning, washing and cooking, ive been trying to cook as much as possible and can do washes as it only takes a few mins to put the clothes in/take them out and hang them but as the washer’s been leaking Ive not been able to do any and cause I’ve not been able to clean because of how bad my backs been I’ve had to wait for Andrew which is like waiting for hell to freeze over sometimes, I hate the house being messy but there has been nothing I can do about it.  I did some packing at Kims today and Andrew didnt even bother to come and help me, I asked him to get as many of the bags into the car as he could as we were leaving and after about 20 mins I came out to the car with the dog to see that he’d only brought 2 down, his mum wants the stuff out as soon as possible as she wants to do something else with the room and I just want to be able to get all of our stuff into our house and get straight here.  He said we could pick some more up another time, this caused an argument cause I spent ages packing and packed 10 bags and 3 boxes, with a bad back I might add.  If I can take the time and pain to do that, he should be able to carry a few more down to the car at once.  Right gonna go and watch the final episode of Glee.  Night all.


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