My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

publishing success

on June 13, 2010

I got a letter earlier on in the week saying that one of my poems has been chosen for publication in an anthology by United Press Publications 🙂 happy happy happy 🙂

I also found this poem as well as I was going through some of my messages, I had wrote it on Remembrance day last year on the way to work and put it to one side to give some time to think on it but then completely forgot about it.  Have submitted it to First Edition Magazine for their November edition:


A silent prayer; we offer to those,

Who fought and died among the rose.

A flower that grows between and around

The war torn bodies, lay strewn on the grown.


Brave men and women across all the years

Who have fought and died despite their fears.

Families at home, gingerly await

The letter describing their loved ones fate.


Yet still the poppy grows and grows

And we wear it with pride, as an English rose

For once a year we remember the fights

While brothers in arms; in death unite.


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