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Have actually managed to get the tablets to kick in

on June 13, 2010

tonight and have been able to sit and copy type the rest of my piece that I have been working on.  I now have more than 4000 words and a really good idea of where it is going and the outcomes of certain scenes 🙂

Have had a quick check on my sweet corn plants today and they all seem to be doing really well – can’t believe have fast the shoots have come through, especially since we have had so much rain and cold weather recently but I covered the pot over and they seem to have thrived in the warmth, put them outside yesterday as it continued to heat up.

Had a bit of an unusual day today, not really been very hungry at all and not managed to eat anywhere near my points limit for weight watchers, have my second weigh in tomorrow morning and will be calling mum bright and early with the result 🙂 Feel better about myself, especially as today I was able to comfortably fasten a pair of cords that I couldn’t do up a few weeks ago, even if they are a size 20, the clothes I have been wearing recently have nearly all had elasticated waists or have been a large size 20.  These are neither of those things and am happy about that as it is another non-scale victory just like the dress that I have for the wedding next weekend.  Speaking of which Andrew went to try on his suit for the wedding today and looked very nice in it. 

Had a bit of a low point though as I can’t seem to find the thread chart for the large Cleopatra chart that I’m currently working on, I can’t even find a copy of it online to download either, I’m a little upset as I can’t complete it without the thread key and I certainly don’t want to have to pay another £18 to get just the one sheet again as I would have to buy the full kit again.  Also, I had a bit of a shock today, at about 5pm (I knew that next door were both awake even though she works nights as I had just seen them in the car) I asked Andrew to hang a picture for me, he put the nail in the wall and next thing we knew she was banging on the front window shouting obscenities like there was no tomorrow.  It was a little upsetting as we don’t make much noise, it isn’t as if the dog barks a lot unless she sees someone come to the door.  If she is out in the back and barks we bring her straight in and it is the first nail that we have put in the walls since we moved in, so it isn’t as if we’ve been banging all hours of the day and night.  Next door on the other hand, are arguing sometimes all hours of the day and night, the poor dog spends most of its day outside barking and causing most of the other dogs on our street and the street behind to start barking, and very often we hear them banging on the walls as if they are doing DIY.  So it’s obviously one rule for them and another for us.  Not happy but don’t want a confrontation about it either, will wait until they have both gone out and he can put the mirror up then and the other pictures I want going on that wall.  I don’t think the lady on the other side will mind one bit if we make a little noise, she’s just had a lot of work done on her downstairs and we couldn’t hear it.  Maybe one wall is thicker than the other?

Anyway am off to bed now my tablets have kicked in, hopefully I will get a little sleep.

Night all xxxxx


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