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Back on Track

on June 8, 2010

Okay, so I’ve realised recently that my life has gotten a little out of my control by accident, my weight has ballooned causing me health issues, and Ive not been doing much of the things i love such as writing and sewing (and of course reading)  Once my End of Course Assignment was in the post I decided to right these wrongs.  Due to having some spare time on my hands from being off work ill a week I read an entire series of books (the house of night) which i really enjoyed and also the new twilight novella.  I have managed to get a lot of my sewing done and after doing many (gardening) articles to get the ink flowing freely I bought myself a new notebook the other day and what a surprise that I was writing the start of an idea in it while we were still out shopping!

I’ve also rejoined weight watchers and have lost 3lbs in my first week.  I have been tracking like mad and with my mum as my leader and inspiration I have all the support I could wish for from her.  (Shame that Andrew wants to keep buying Cheesecakes!)

Okay so was just a quick round up but there we have it, even though am in massive amount of pain, im feeling better about myself!


2 responses to “Back on Track

  1. victoria says:

    sounds good to me Kirsty, proud of you!

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    thanks mum xxxxx

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