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Veggies Week 6

on June 2, 2010

Okay, so I should in theory be getting somewhere with these veggies and herbs by now, whether this is the case or not though, I’m not sure. Here is my goings on for week Six.

May 24th – Okay, so after taking 5 or 6 tomatoes off the plant last night, I’ve given it another two good feeds to try and help with the yellowing of the leaves.  I’ve put trellises in my broad beans and runner beans to offer some support, watered all the plants and re-potted my lettuce into a large long planter to give it some room.  I gave them a really good water and feed straight afterwards and to help the process I’ve put them on the windowsill to give them a boost.

May 26th – I have tiny green strawberries growing!!!  It’s brilliant, I have also noticed that the lettuce hasn’t changed, but it hasnt been very warm, but hopefully that will change soon.  My carrot seeds are starting to germinate among the spring onions and chives, I have brought them inside into the warmth.  I’ve moved the cover off the top of my cucumbers as they have gotten that tall that they were touching the top.  They are doing very well.  My romano sweet pepper has continued to grow and now has tiny little buds on it. 

May 31st – Took some more tomatoes off the plant last night and had to remove a lot of the leaves, it looks like early blight, I don’t seem to be doing terribly well with tomatoes although they are the only plants ive had edible fruits off so far.  Cheeked the broad beans, runner beans and carrots, they all seem to be doing well, the outdoor pepper is okay, not grown quite as tall as the one indoors, but that could be due to the weather being cooler again.  Strawberry fruits are getting bigger but are still green and haven’t started to ripen, I can’t wait to try one of them when they do ripen.  Will be going to B & Q later in the summer for lots of gardening tools as we have now decided what we are going to do in the back.


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