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Veggie Gardening Week 5

on May 24, 2010

Okay, so not only am I finding doing this little bit of gardening relaxing, even with having a bad back I’m getting a little bit of exercise when I’m watering the pots and re-potting the plants at the table, I can’t do an awful lot of lifting but my husband has been very generous with his patience and time as I take up my new endeavour. So here’s how week three of my new hobby look.

May 22nd – Most of my plants are now outside, aside from the cucumber plants as they have been re-potted and last time I did that the plants died, so this time I’m keeping a special eye on them, looking for any loss of nitrogen, they are now in a long planter and I’ve mixed in some sweet basil.  As the plants were a little droopy when I first transferred them I gave them a good feed and also a good water, then I covered the entire planter over with cling film to act as a propagator, so far it’s working, the cucumber plants are no longer droopy and they are starting to get bigger as well.  My second lot of chives and parsley are also still covered over; the chives are doing well although the parsley seems to be struggling, even under the propagator.  With the new warmth I am having to water all my plants and herbs twice a day now as the heat is drying them out, especially those outside.  My sweet pepper and carrots are doing well outside, as is the sweet pepper banana plant that is still inside on the kitchen window sill.  The lettuce seedlings are doing great!  The only problem is that they need thinning, which I will do into the long planter that my carrots were originally in, once I have emptied it and given it a good cleaning to make sure there is nothing left over of the carrot root fly.  I still need to plant the parsnips and sweet corn seeds that I got the new propagator tubs for.

May 23rd – I tried one of my tomatoes last night, (pictured below)off the new plant, it was so sweet and juicy.  I also talked to my husband about having a wide shelf attached to the inside of the barrier that is around the steps, this is what my strawberries and other plants are currently on outside, but some are actually on the top step on the concrete floor, with having such a bad back I struggle to get to them.  He said it is something he can do and he will take some measurements and get the wood needed from B & Q to make the shelf and then ask his friend to help drill into the concrete to put it up.  My cucumbers are doing really well but all need watering again with the heat, I’m still having to do that twice daily.  The new chives on living room windowsill are doing very well and I’ve been able to take the propagator lid off, as they are touching it at the moment they have grown that well.  I’m not sure if my carrot seedlings that are outside need covering and putting into a propagator state at the moment, they don’t seem to be germinating but then I’m not sure how long they should take, I have some broad beans on the windowsill that have been germinating for three weeks now and still just looks like a jelly under the propagator lid.  So I suppose they might just take a while to germinate, although I do think it will help the spring onions and chives that are currently in the same pot.  When I get home tonight all the plants will need feeding (when it’s not as hot) and I will be cleaning out the other long planter that I have so I can thin out my lettuce and let them grow properly now.  Fingers crossed they will take well to their new home.


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