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How to make a house a home…

on May 22, 2010

Still working on that one although every time someone new comes they bring flowers, so I have 2 big vases of lilies, I’ve just had to get rid of some roses that were a little past their best, I have an orchid and also a bunch of mixed chrysanthemums and very little window space left.  Dont get me wrong it’s lovely of people to bring us flowers now we’re settled but its more than flowers that make the house into a home and as Lynn keeps telling me, it takes years to make a home.  I can’t wait to have everything sorted out, put in it’s place and not have to worry but the house already feels like our house.  I can arrange my furniture my way and have pictures where I want them and have things on the table that make the house look lived in without offending other people who’s house it actually is, I’ve spent years nearly living in my bedroom as that has always been the one place I can have my things out without worrying what other people think.  It feels nice to be able to spread out finally and start our married life properly now.

We’ve had the talk about children amongst other things and are both comfortable with the house and how it is arranged, the fact that it’s a long term lease makes me feel even more secure here.  I’m happy at last 🙂

The fact that my veggies are everywhere and it doesn’t bother Andrew is great and best of all I have my dog back so on days like today when I’ve been writhing in total agony and Andrew has had to go to work doesn’t mean I’m home alone anymore. 

Gran and Bob sent a moving home card when we first moved in and I truly wish that I had been the person to write this poem as it sums up our move perfectly:


The kettle’s done a runner and the bed is in the hall,

The sofa’s in the doorway and it just wont budge at all!

There’s boxes in the kitchen, the living room and loo

You’re really stressed and knackered with a million things to do!

The removal men have managed to behead the garden gnome

But don’t worry, it’s all part of the joys of moving home!

(copyright Carlton Cards)


Such an apt poem!


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