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Green Fingers

on May 14, 2010

Okay so my veg pledge has definitely got into full swing, I have absolutely
no space on the windowsills anymore, to the point where i now have lavender on
the bathroom windowsill as well!  To top it off I went and bought some more
seeds today, parsnips and sweetcorn 🙂 cant wait to plant those but sadly I have
to wait until at least Wednesday when I’ve been paid because I need to get a new
planter to put all of my herbs into, they’re kind of taking over now.  I have
sweet basil that is doing very well.  I’ve got 2 kinds of parsley growing now
and also chives 🙂  My veg is doing very well too, I’ve had to put a trellis in
place behind my tomato plant as it is growing so well, the cucumber seedlings
have all germinated (I really wasn’t expecting that at all).  My carrots and
sweet peppers are all getting slightly bigger and lettuces are doing great!  My
spring onion is also starting to get bigger and grow under the propagator lid as
well, as are my strawberries in the living room 🙂  Here are some pictures



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