My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

The house is

on May 2, 2010

taking over our life at the moment 😛 happy though, the living room, dining room and kitchen are all pretty much done (apart from a little redecorating) and we’ve got nearly everything for the upstairs as well now.  just got to get a bedroom suite into the house and up to the front room and then a single mattress into the middle room for the second spare bed we got off mum and Dave yesterday.

so we have all the big stuff here now, another trip to grans to get the shelves and the last of my things from there – there isn’t that much cause it will all fit into my tiny little kia picanto car.  a few bits left at andrews mums to pick up throughout the week and then we can just concentrate on getting everything unpacked and getting the rooms decorated one by one.

My plants are growing on the windowsill which i can’t believe – I’ve never managed to grow anything before.  Pepsi’s settled in fine and Andrew is having a DIY marathon tomorrow, he’s putting up the spare bed, moving the side board so we can get everything under, well the washer anyway.  The plumber has put pipes in the way so we can’t get the washer into the slot at the moment but that’s all going to be sorted tomorrow and then i’ll be prettifying the house by sorting out the plants into their new bright plant pots, all the furnishings are pretty much in but once the washers in I can do a load of washes and get straight.


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