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TMA’s and moving house

on April 27, 2010

Okay so the past couple of weeks have been manic! Between packing and unpacking, waiting for the return of my TMA06 and training at work I haven’t managed to do anything more on my ECA.  So with feeling lost in an hours dinner instead of thirty minutes I’ve decided to take in my uni books today and do some of the suggested reading at least.  I finally got my assignment back on Sunday and am over the moon with the results – 82% which puts me in line for a grade two pass as long as my ECA is more than 70% and after the feedback from my tutor I have high hopes for it. 

We’re now in our own house, using mobile broadband because BT Openreach can’t get to our exchange to flick a switch until 21st May.  Then we have to wait for the broadband to be connected as well.  We have the majority of our stuff here now and although the living room looks nice every other room in the house is still messy with boxes and things.  We are getting there, but it will take some time to get straight.  Hopefully it won’t take too long though.

We have our dog back now as well, she’s already had her first escapade, I left the water in the bath for Andrew yesterday, and Pepsi decided that she was going to jump in and have her own bath.  I came home to Andrew scrubbing mucky paw prints off the floor!  Didn’t take her long!

She’s had her first day in the house today and somehow has managed to open all the doors and was sat waiting for us in the living room when we came in!  No mess, no chewing nothing naughty at all, really pleased with her x

Finished training for my new job today as well, go live on the phones tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I wont get any really nasty calls, but I have two really lovely girls sat next to me to help me 🙂


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