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Mum’s Marathon!!!

on April 16, 2010

After 12 months of training and weight watchers, spending time in the gym and going out running my mum is ready for the running season, strangely she’s doing it back to front because of the way the races fall. 

Instead of starting small she’s working from 26 miles to 10k, and her first one is a night time marathon on behalf of cancer research tomorrow night.  Although she’s not been feeling very well she’s doing it anyway, determination will lead the way.

Please donate if you have any spare cash (I know that we are in the middle of a cash crisis) at


As well as doing this one she is also doing two 10k runs – the greater manchester run and the cancer research 10k race for life in the next couple of months. 

Tomorrow’s a big day as well, not only is she training, maintaining her weight, holding down a job, family and degree but she is training to be a weight watchers leader and she has a presentation to do in the morning.




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