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Easter break?

on April 3, 2010
So what’s everyone doing this Easter?  We’re having a massive family dinner today at one of the local pubs for my Gran’s 80th birthday.  Been to see Nana and Grandad, seen Dad, Lynn and James and am staying with Mum, Dave, Sarah and Roan.  Our Ben’s staying as well and Aunty Julie is home from America for the occasion.  31 people attending today and as well as seeing some old faces there will be some new as well.  Like Gran’s cousins and nephews, my cousins children and more.  Hopefully everything will go with out a hitch.

Been doing more sewing and have set a target to finish this quarter before my birthday at the end of this month and have also been doing some writing for uni.  Although I hated TMA 05, I’m really enjoying the ECA!  I really like the idea of using a split strand across a war torn family of a journalist and looking at how he copes with shell shock from his point of view and also that of a child.  Hopefully I will do okay with this piece.  Got my next two courses booked, both to do with language and grammar rather than using it.  Fingers crossed these will be my last two courses for my BA (hons) degree 🙂

Things are looking up at the moment, managed to get the new job – okay so not really that new, it was an internal move but it’s working on a different product with a different audience, besides, the money is better and so are the hours and rather than having to move companies I’ve just moved 2 floors up 🙂  We’ve also found a house, put money down on it and are just waiting to hear back from the credit check to make sure we can move in, if all goes well we should be able to move in on the 19th April.  I can’t  wait 🙂 We have most of the things we need already so the only 2 big things we need to get are a sofa and fridge freezer.  Both of which we have enough Argos vouchers to cover.

Hope everyone else is well xxx


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