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A Rude Awakening – Day 5

on March 5, 2010

Okay.  I managed to take my tablet today! yay!  And not sure if I mentioned but my Wii Fit age yesterday was 26 🙂

Lets see, I had a chicken salad at lunch that was 470 calories, I had some rusks, that came to 840 cals with the milk, – I was upset.  Then I had tea that was 300 cals, lots of veggies in there 🙂 Also had a pack of crisp at 95 cals… TOTAL 1705 cals 🙂

Managed to stay in the limit again but really need to get the motivation to do more home cooking.  Slightly tired again.  Got about 7 hours last night – need more.

Hope tomorrows a better day…


2 responses to “A Rude Awakening – Day 5

  1. victoria says:

    at least you ate better today, but rusk and milk? why not porridge or cereal with skimmed. great going with the wii, keep it up

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    hiya mum, the rusk was with purple top milk, don\’t buy any other. and had rusks cause i was upset about something 😦 but then i didnt go on the wii last night and wont be able to today because im leaving for work in fifteen minutes and wont be back for either 14 or 15 hours cause im down to do overtime…

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