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houses and estate agents

on February 27, 2010

Well, we’ve found a house that we like, arranged an appointment for 1pm this afternoon and after realising I was on a late yesterday rearranged it for 9:30am yesterday morning.  After banging on the door for 10 minutes in the rain yesterday with no estate agent, the plasterers let us in and we had a look around.  We do like it, but thought maybe the estate agent had forgotten that we’d swapped the times and went back again today.  Still no show after twenty minutes in the rain we gave it up as a bad job. 

So now what?  I’m going to call her on Monday and rearrange again!  I have loads of questions about the house and the landlord that I’ve still not been able to ask, I think I should write them all down so I don’t forget them…

Oh well.  Work tonight – well half five till eleven.  And I’m in tomorrow, got an interview on Tuesday though.  And I’ve passed the probationary period at work so I get an ever so slight pay rise – about an extra cup of coffees worth at least anyway.  So for now, I’m pondering ideas for TMA05 and thinking about my lovely two new DMC cross stitch kits to go with the one I’m currently working on.  I’ve got all three of the jewel of the Nile pieces from the history collection – I’m working on Cleopatra at the moment, and have now got the King Tut and Nefertiti.  Granted it may take me another 15 years to complete them all but I’m determined I’ll have them on my living-room walls at some point in the future!

Hope everyone else is doing well xx


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