My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 12.4

on February 2, 2010

Think of a character in a particular profession in which you have never worked. If you need a prompt, choose from one of these: judge, waitress, waiter, professor, nurse, bricklayer or journalist. Write a short passage (up to 400 words) in the voice of your character in which he or she recounts to work colleagues a meeting with either a friend or an associate.

   "It was awful, I haven’t seen her in ages and she’s gained so much weight.  She looks completely different to what I remember.  Can you pass me an IV bag please?"
   "What did you say to her?"
   "What could I say?  She’s my sister.  She needs me to help out with the kids and she’s taking care of dad full time after all.  I just felt so – thanks – I don’t know, I just felt so inadequate.  How does that feel Mrs Sale?"
  "Fine thank you.  Do you not see your sister that often then?"
   "We, well.  We drifted apart when we were younger because she moved away with her husband for his job.  That’s not an excuse though, the phone calls just got less and less and then it would be months instead of weeks before we spoke.  Not long after it became birthdays and Christmas only.  Then Dad got ill."
   "It’s amazing how illness can bring families together."
   "That’s true Mrs Sale, I should know that already working in this job.  Next patient.  Mr Conner’s will be along to see you shortly Mrs Sale."
   "How is your dad?"
   "He’s okay Lorraine.  How are your notes coming on?"
   "Not bad, are you allowed to sign them off?"
   "Yeah that’s not a problem."
   "So have you seen her since?"
   "Just the once, it still feels strange though being around her and the kids again but I’m sure it will get easier with time."


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