My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 11.1 Strand One.

on February 2, 2010

He woke up early in the morning to the smell of bacon. It was bacon wasn’t it? Either that or sausages. It smelled good enough to raise him from sleep and want to leave the warmth of his bed to venture downstairs after one last look at the picture on the shelf opposite.

‘How do you feel?’ Asked his mum.

‘Okay. Can I have one?’ He nodded to the bacon sandwich in her hand.

‘There’s plenty of bacon done, I’ll make you a sandwich once I’ve eaten mine. Everyone else will be here soon; they’ll want one as well. Don’t forget you have to go and get Joe’s suit before dinner.’

‘I know, I’ll have a shower in a minute – it won’t take me long to get ready later.’

‘Do you want sauce?’

‘Red please.’

He sat down at the table and took a bite out of the sandwich his mum had put in front of him. He hadn’t finished chewing when the doorbell rang and made him jump.

‘I’ll get it.’ His younger brother was on the way to the door before he’d even finished speaking.

‘Thanks Bro.’


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