My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Chapter 4 activities

on January 11, 2010

formatting hasn’t stuck though…


350 words, one page script using 2 distinct voices at a passport desk in a foreign airport.


JENNY: Airport official from America.

MARTIN: Passenger from England.

SCENE ONE: Passport Desk in a busy Airport in New York, 7am Monday morning.

(JENNY is behind the counter on the phone to someone, talking animatedly).

JENNY: Yeah, yeah I know. I mean I went there just last week, it’s awesome! (Pause). Mm mm.

(Enter MARTIN SL. Walk slowly to passport desk struggling to carry a suitcase and briefcase in one hand, tickets in the other. JENNY looks up and indicates that she won’t be a moment. MARTIN taps his fingers on the desk).

MARTIN: Excuse me, Miss?

(JENNY indicates to the phone. MARTIN leans over and ends the call.)

JENNY: Hey! I was talking then.

MARTIN: I’m late and I haven’t got time for you to finish yammering on with your friend.

JENNY: (Sighs). What can I do for you, sir? (No longer wanting to help).

MARTIN: My flight is about to board in a minute and someone just stole my passport. What can I do?

JENNY: I suppose, I could, erm, ring the embassy for you. I can’t guarantee you’ll catch your plane. Gimme a sec. (She picks up the phone and dials.


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