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Activity 2.6, create a piece with conflict

on September 29, 2009

‘Which way should we go?’

Alicia looked at the map, working out the co-ordinates for where they were came naturally to her. Jordan shook his head.

‘Give me that map Newhall. We’ll never get anywhere like this.’

He snatched the map and went and sat on a dry patch of grass to read the land lines on it and decide on the best path to their objective, the rest of the group watched on quietly as he did so. They knew well enough not to add petrol to the fire.

‘Had you asked for the map Stalder, I would have passed it to you, there was no need to snatch it.’

He ignored her and traced a route across the map with his finger, shook his head and started again. Happy with the route he’d decided on, he stood up and began to explain in hushed tones to the rest of the group, the path he had decided on. He deliberately keep his back to her and blocked her out of the conversation.

‘So where are we going?’

Jordan sighed.

‘I’ve just explained it. Weren’t you listening?’

‘We’re supposed to be working together, you explained it to the rest of the group and I couldn’t hear you because of the way you was sat. Which way are we going?’ She posed the question again trying to keep her calm.

Jordan sat down and pulled the map back out of his combat trouser pockets, unfolded it and traced the route out for her.

‘Is there a bridge there?’ Alicia pointed to one section of the map that he had pointed out, there was a rather wide river in their path.

‘I don’t know but it would be quieter if we walk through the river and not cross at the bridge, theirs likely to be an ambush set up on the bridge anyway.’

He said in a matter of fact tone. She nodded her head.

‘I agree, I’m just worried that it will be too deep or too wide to cross.’

‘It’ll be fine, lets go.’ He got up abruptly and went to the head of the column, signalling the formation he wanted them to move in as he went.

Alicia was left to follow with the rest of the group feeling like a child that was getting in the way rather than a co-commander.

Word count: 393


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