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The second writing activity from A363

on September 3, 2009

Writing Activity

500 word free write about futuristic interview

The room is dark and the desk in the centre is enormous, sat twitching on one side of the desk, the young man is trying to think of an answer to the last question. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t see the face of the person that was interviewing him, he had a vague idea of what she looked like but it was putting him off. His mind had gone blank and he’d forgotten the question altogether.

‘I’m sorry, please can you repeat the question?’ He wrung his hands together and the voice registered immediately.

‘What would you say are your best qualities?’

‘I,’ he stuttered. ‘I’m a good worker; I always give one hundred percent.’ The head nodded.

There was some scratching on the desk leaving John to ponder his thoughts.

‘are you able to travel?’ Again the voice arrived in his head with clarity. His thoughts wondered if his ears had actually heard the words.

‘Within reason yes.’

‘that’s all. Is there anything you would like to ask me?’

‘Can you explain the job a little more to me?’

John flew through the skies on the back of the phoenix. I wish when she’d mentioned travel, I’d said no. The job wasn’t what he’d been expecting. New York to London, Egypt to Australia and back to London all in two hours, I must be mad. Half of the souls don’t want to move on anyway. The bird landed in one of the fields cloaked in darkness and John climbed down wearily. He shook the clock off his shoulders and sat in the black leather sofa in the entrance, she would be in soon he knew. Always three in the morning and she would be expecting a list of all the souls passed through the mirror onto the other side. Before the interview he had never expected Death to be real, or a woman for that fact.

‘we help people move on, kind of like an undertaker but without the coffins.’ John nodded and waited for the next question, but none came. ‘I will be in contact john. Thank you for coming in to see us.’

‘Thank you for seeing me.’

He stood up and left the room as quickly as he could. The woman made him feel – like his skin was crawling. He wasn’t sure why but the woman’s appearance was already starting to fade from his memory. The undertaker business. Well that was like helping bereaved people cope with the death isn’t it? Yeah it is. I’m sure it is. What did she mean, without the coffins? He shook his head and got on the bus back home.

‘How did it go?’ His mum was stood at the door waiting for him. ‘Did you get it, when will you find out?’ The questions came thick and fast.

‘It went alright mum, can I get passed so I can get changed, I have another interview tomorrow and I want to wear this suit again.’ He pushed passed and ran up the stairs to his bedroom so he could get changed into his tracksuit.

‘That boy needs some direction.’ He heard her speaking to the next door neighbour. ‘Hopefully this job will sort him out.’

Total word count: 537


4 responses to “The second writing activity from A363

  1. Mars says:

    This is magic, Kirstyanne. :0)You have such a unique style of writing. Be sure to develop this story, further. I look forward to reading more of your work.Lots of Love,Mars x

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    Thanks Mars xx I\’m really glad you like it xx

  3. Abi says:

    Hi there,Yes I agree. There is much here that is worth developing. One thing, I found the change in tense at the beginning somewhat disconcerting; similarly, \’sat\’ rather than \’sitting\’. I am very conscious now that I have not started any of the activities yet! Best wishes. Abi

  4. Kirstyanne says:

    Thanks Abbi, Im only trying to get ahead because tma 2 falls 1 week before my wedding and tma3 falls one week after i get back off my honeymoon x will check for the change of tense, thanks for pointing it out xxx

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