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on September 2, 2009

This activity asked us to write the next two paragraphs and chose a title for the starter paragraph already shown in the BBB (Big Blue Book).

Woman In the Wind

The church clock strikes eight, so those villagers who are awake know without checking that it is six.  A cock crows.  A body lies across the doorstep of the church, a line of crumb-carrying ants marches across the fedora covering its face.  There is a serene momentary quiet after the chimes cease.  A figure glides past the church wall, before the silence is cracked by a crying baby.

Within a few minutes of the local vicar making the call, the church ground was crawling with police, paramedics and social services who had come to see the crying baby.  Knocks on the doors of locals woke them from slumber in the cold and wet morning so the police could ask their questions.

The figure follows the Chief Detective as he’s asking questions of the staff at the church.

Is there anything else you can think of at all…”  He trailed off.

Is everything okay detective?”  The vicar asked with genuine concern.

Yeah, erm, I just got a chill down my spine Vicar, sorry.  If you think of anything else please call me.”  He paused.  “My direct number is on this card.” 

He passed the card across to the Vicar and turned quickly to get away from the graveyard.  Something didn’t feel right.  The figure followed him, a smile appearing slowly across their face.


4 responses to “A363 CHAPTER ONE ACTIVITY ONE

  1. Mars says:

    Wonderful stuff, as usual, Kirstyanne. :0)Even in those two paragraphs, you\’ve set the scene for a spine-thrilling tale. It also looks like you will not have any problems when it comes to script-writing. You are soooo good at dialogue. :0)

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    Thanks Mars xxx

  3. georgina says:

    As usual Kirstyanne, brilliant stuff. I am not doing A363 this year and feel dead jealous.

  4. Kirstyanne says:

    thanks georgina x

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