My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.


on August 24, 2009

Well, I’ve been Christmas pressie shopping, this weekend. Got most of them now, got most of the presents for the wedding now as well.  Got the vases for the centre pieces and the balloons, balloon weights and the curling string.  So that’s the decorations sorted.  I have all the thank you notes and we have most things paid for now. 

Kim’s gone home this morning.  We dropped her off at the train station this morning – I’ve had some help with the family tree I’ve been working on off a very distant relative.  A lady called Pam, we seem to have stumbled across each other via Ancestry with a relative match some six generations back.  This is wonderful, she has offered to check some certificates for me at her local studies and archives to save me the cost of ordering certificates just to prove to myself that I’ve got the wrong person in a marriage later on in life, as I can’t find my original records anymore.

The wedding is getting better now, but cadet’s seems to be getting busy now with sports.  We have swimming, netball, football, hockey, and rugby coming up this month with cross country in October.  Just need to find a new job now and everything will be fine.


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