My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Murder at Night Fall

on June 2, 2009

I knew what she’d done as soon as she closed the door after our meeting. However, it seemed that things hadn’t gone her way when she had been at the reading of the will, he hadn’t left her a penny. Imagine, two years of marriage and he’d left it all to someone else. She was devastated and to top it off, the police were snooping around the area, it wouldn’t be long before she’d break.

‘Who was that darling?’

‘That detective again Mark, he knows something, I’m sure of it, it’s the fourth time he’s been here in two days.’

‘I think we might need to call the station about harassment Lisa.’

He wrapped his arms around her and settled her onto the sofa next to him. They’d have to move out of this house soon, it was part of the estate and it had been left to his adult daughter. Unfortunately she and Lisa didn’t get on so they would have to find somewhere else to live; their entire plan had gone down the drain at that will reading.

The rain spattered on the car window as the engine turned over ready to leave the dark house. He was dead; his lunch poisoned with cyanide had stopped his heart almost instantly. Saliva drizzled slowly onto the expensive suit he was wearing as she stood and left the table. His eyes followed her out of the door, she could feel him watching her as she left and a chill ran down her spine. After living with him for so long she had come to be fond of him, but she was even fonder of his money. The big manor house gave her plenty of room to do her own thing without having to have too much contact with him and all the staff knew that she was having an affair with Mark after the amount of times he’d been caught creeping about the house in the dead of the night.

They drove into the night and went off to a hotel that they’d already booked into in London earlier on in the day. The staff would agree that they’d been having an affair and back up their alibi without needing so much as a bribe, none had seen her this evening. She had slipped the poison into the beef while the cook had nipped out of the room and then just waited. After he had been served his meal, Lord Wilson, known to her merely as Jack, liked to eat alone without people waiting on him hand and foot. She waited for them to leave the room and then slipped in after he’d begun to eat.

‘I thought you were out on a business weekend Lisa?’ He looked confused as she took a seat, unspeaking in case she was overheard. ‘Are you leaving later or something?’ He managed between bites of the beef. Lisa nodded and smiled.

It wasn’t long before the poison had set in and Jack clutched at his heart, struggling to get his breath he saw the look in his wife’s eyes, a look of pity and of hope all at the same time. She’d soon be sorry, everything she’d wanted had been hers; all she need do was ask. Now she wouldn’t know security again.

‘I didn’t think you would have done it.’ Mark rested his hand on Lisa’s knee before a shift in gears took them around a corner and onto the motorway. She looked out of the window and watched the other cars going past, people living out their dreary lives as usual, not knowing there was a murderer in their midst. That was it, she was, a murderer.

‘All I have to do is catch her making a mistake Sir, I know she’s the one that did it.’

‘They’ve complained about the amount of times you’ve been there without cause or even questions. If you’re not careful they’ll file a charge of harassment.’ He paused before speaking again. ‘What makes you think it was her so badly? It was poison in the meat and she wasn’t even in the area. She was in London with her fancy man.’

‘That’s what they want us to believe, isn’t it convenient that they were in London on the night of her husband’s murder? They didn’t have any restaurant bookings and no one can confirm that they were actually there at the time of the murder, just that they checked into the hotel in the afternoon. That’s plenty of time to get back to Aldershot and the manor before the event took place.’

‘There’s no one that can corroborate that idea at all. Unless you can find someone that can; we have no case against them whatsoever.’

‘Can I bring all the staff in for questioning?’

‘What are you hoping to find?’

‘I don’t know. Something though.’

The door swung shut with a thud as Quinn left my office shaking his head. There must be a way for me to find the truth. I just wish I knew what it was at this minute.


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