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Done and Dusted

on June 2, 2009

Well my End of Course Assessment has been sent now and no matter how good a score I can get the maximum mark I can get is a level 2 pass, rather annoyed at myself for dropping one percent and a whole grade!  I’ve started I dont know how many stories for it which in time I will post the beginnings of and maybe even later the endings.  One thing I will say is that I have a lot of material for A363 which is my next course.

I’m not overly sure what Im going to do with myself until the results come out in August, although if the weather keeps up I will spend some of the time sunbathing!

I will post TMA5 when I get home, not happy with the mark I got for that one, I let myself down but will post it anyway for people to read 🙂

Am off for now, waiting for a class to arrive.  TTFN!


3 responses to “Done and Dusted

  1. nadine says:

    what did you get for tma05 hun?

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    got 78% lower than normal but was a cross over adult/teen fiction an tutor wasnt keen. Still happy

  3. nadine says:

    That\’s a good mark, The highest I got so far is 68% that was for tma5 and Im proud of it 🙂

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