My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Chapter 24 – Life Writing

on May 23, 2009

Activity 24.2 – A scene about a character from your past, 350 word limit.

Alan Dobson

A wet and windy Sunday morning, the rugby pitch was covered in large murky puddles and the lads were all shivering in their shorts. One in particular stood out as Steve asked me to take the warm up. I’ve never heard anyone moan so much at having to do some shuttle runs and stretches, Dobo made more noise having to do that than he did in the entire training session. He didn’t need to warm up, and he didn’t need to do the training session he was just there to do the games and play the matches. Me and Steve had a treat for them, an entire fitness session followed by a training session and two trial matches. It worked, I put together a training program for the group and they all followed it, all but Dobo, the rebel with purple hair. He spent his days at college, his afternoons on the college rugby team and his nights drinking, a Sunday morning training session wasn’t something he’d signed up for. Surprisingly he was one of the very few that on the day of the tournament did a full warm up and led the rest of the team through the motions. He was selected for Region by the end of the first match and was the highest scorer throughout the tournament. The following year, he followed the old training program I had put together for him and he was twice as good, his scoring was higher and his fitness was as well, he’d stopped smoking and cut his drinking down massively losing the fat he had been carrying and replaced it with extra muscle, making him a brick wall on the pitch. The purple hair had gone and the shoulders had gained a set of stripes causing some maturity to settle into his meaty head. He was still the noisiest on the pitch though, well, apart from me.

Activity 24.3

Mrs Ashton was a very strict teacher who taught in a silent classroom where people sat at individual tables reading the latest GCSE works or scribbling away at the next piece of course work. People used to take the mickey out of her because of the way she looked and spoke, very tall with curly ginger hair that never stayed put she wore clothes that clashed with the colour rather than complimented it, all topped off by a strong Aussie accent which really didn’t help. Give her due though, we all did well in our exams.

word count 96

Mr Pimlott was a strange form tutor, he was a strange teacher actually. He dressed very eclectically with cord trousers and thin jumpers the staple of his wardrobe. His local haunt was the art department where if he wasn’t throwing paint at a canvas he was playing the ‘Saxamaphone’ as he used to call it. He used to tell people that he was called Septimus Pimlott – the first years mainly and they generally believed him. It was Steve really although I’m sure he only told us in his form and his GCSE students. I never took art, but had music in common with him.

word count 104

Mr Conway was my inspiration to do this course, he was my English teacher in year nine when I was doing my SATs in high school. I’ll always remember after we finished he gave us a piece of homework after we had done the exams to prepare us for year ten. I still have that piece of home work and have been working on it ever since. A dedicated teacher he even offered to help me with the piece once he had left the school and given up teaching! Mr Conway’s distinguishing feature is the scars he has from acne on his face, some people used to laugh but strangely it never phased me in the slightest.

word count 117

Activity 24.8 Write about someone no longer known to you

Ray Entwistle was a jolly man, in fact, if he dressed in a red suit rather than the normal grey ones for school teaching he would be heavily mistaken for Santa Clause. His passion for teaching was greatly outweighed for his passion for helping people, once a feared head of year, he became a very good friend to both me and my mum as we went through a very difficult patch in our mother daughter relationship. He even wrote in my school leavers book that he hoped he had helped me and mum reconcile and get passed our differences, never mentioned the fact that he taught me in his GCSE Geography group, in fact, I was the only person in his group to have gotten anything above a D, and I got an A* so really I was his star pupil. I never saw him after school, I always thought to get in touch and say thank you, for being a good teacher and mentor, a good councillor and helping me get through the most confusing years in my life. I never got to do that, it’s a shame, I don’t think he’s there anymore.

word count 195


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