My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Chapter 22 – Life Writing

on May 23, 2009

Activity 22.1 Memory Cluster

Associative memory:-Yesterday


Pregnancy test

Lack of energy

Missed Cadets




Missed tea


Sore back

Narrative memory:-Yesterday

When I woke up yesterday I didn’t feel too bad, although my back was still sore and I was still disappointed in the results from the pregnancy test I took. I spent some time on the internet talking to friends and peers from university before having an argument of sorts, although mild in manner, about missing cadets once again. I’m thinking of leaving anyway, by five o’clock I had no energy, my head was pounding and I felt sick. Ten minutes later I was in bed and slept until 9am this morning missing tea and everything in between.

Activity 22.3 Memory of a Place

Associative memory:-School WRSC


Public Speaking



Art Classroom

Large playing fields

Separate quads

PE Theory – Mrs Mottram

Swimming pool

Debdale park, reservoirs and orienteering

Mr Bainbridge dancing on the tables

Mr Pimlott telling people he was called Septemus and not Steve

Arguing with Leanne about Mark Barlow

Music lessons at lunch time, singing to the mock GCSE exams

Collecting results and calling mum crying

Signed shirts and books

English, Kevin and Sadie, Mrs Ashton – red hair


3x = 12, x = 36

leavers assembly


Narrative Memory:-School WRSC

School, on the first daunting day

I got lost trying to find my way.

Corridors full of noise and shouting

and in English we sat in a ring

Kevin and Sadie got to escape

While we were taught how humans mate.

Septimus caused the young confusion

in his art room, it’s not an illusion.

Our gang used to sit in the upper quad

and debate religion and even God.

PE got harder and lessons more often

we’d see Mrs Mottram soon begin to soften.

The exams went quickly both mock and real,

in the music one we began to sing and squeal.

The assembly was long and records handed out

before the tears began to spout

Activity 22.5

Part One – 50 words of what the photo depicts.

Two girls on a bus having fun and being teenagers, they are making the peace sign with their hands and are both smiling back at the camera, clearly friends with each other having a laugh.

Word count 35

Part Two – 150 words about what’s going on around the photo

The Stagecoach bus that the two girls, Sarah and Amber are on is just passing the Tesco extra in Droylsden on its way to Ashton, one of their usual hangouts. The picture was taken by Sam, Sarah’s boyfriend who asked them to pose and pull silly faces while he took the picture. The bus is rather empty around the teenagers, there are no other people complaining of their activity while the three are generally having a laugh. Word count 77

Part Three – 250 words combining first two parts

As Amber, Sam and Sarah sat on the bus on the way to Ashton, one of their normal haunts, they decided they were bored. The bus was fairly empty and all three had their mobile phones with them. Sam decided to take a picture of Amber and Sarah, just as the Stagecoach bus passed Tesco in Droylsden. He asked the girls to pull silly faces and pose for the camera. He used his phone to take the photograph of the two girls posing making the peace signs with their hands. The two girls are enjoying themselves, both very good friends having a laugh. Word count 103

Activity 22.7


v Grandad

v Childhood

v Pillow

v Ghost

v Moved house

v Teddy bear

v Toys

v Happy feelings

v Comforting

Ben’s Story

I sat in a store for a couple of weeks before someone came and bought me. I’m a pink and white bear about twenty inches high and since being in that store over twenty years ago I’ve been on such a journey. When I got home on that first day I was passed around all the grown-ups and then someone lay me on some Christmas paper and wrapped me up, set me down under the tree and left me. That is, they left me until Christmas morning. I wanted a hug. When I was unwrapped by a little girl the first thing that hit me was that the man that had come into the store to buy me wasn’t there. The mood wasn’t as fun as I’d expected, people were upset and I never saw that man again. The little girl though, she took me everywhere with her, I even worked as a substitute pillow when she was upset and needed a hug. I’ve been to Cyprus, I joined the RAF with her, I’ve sat beside her on long car journeys when she’s been out with family. I’ve sat on the bed and watched her study and as she’s moved house, I’ve moved with her.

Twenty years have passed and the little girl isn’t that little anymore, her tears are for different reasons now, but I still sit at the end of her bed, or cuddle her when she needs a hug. Just because she has grown up doesn’t mean her needs have changed that dramatically, she has someone different wipe away her tears and dry her face now, it’s not mummy or daddy anymore, but the person she knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I’m comfortable, I have friends but I’m still first place in her heart amongst them, she never picks anyone else up first. She looks after me, mends my cuts and bruises, keeps me clean and tidy and gives me all the cuddles I went without in those first two weeks. Word count 340


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