My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Chapter 19 – Life Writing

on May 23, 2009

To pass on the family history, record personal details, stop memories from fading and to explain more fully the feelings felt

Activity 19.4 – Into Words

Born in France in November 1914, David was brought into a world full of rage and violence. His mother was a bright eyed young woman, who was heavily succumbing to the sombre mood, her eyes constantly heavy and strained. What little food they had went to David as he got bigger. His scrawny body wrapped in the rags of an old dress while she sewed hems and badges onto the uniforms of men and young boys from the local towns, preparing them for the wars about to come.

As the fighting progressed and the local boys stopped sending letters home, a summer and winter passed. The BEF (British Expeditionary Force) were in the area now, taking over houses, villages and communities. The Somme was about to become a battle ground. David and his family were wrapped up warm and they left that house, the place where he was born, forced to move far away, the coming battle destroying the buildings, homes and memories that went with them.

Word count – 167

Activity 19.5 – Chapter One, I am born.

The light hits home, blinding me after nine months in the dark. The warmth of her body cloaking me from the cold air outside. Dozens of faces stare down at me, strange and new all at once, I don’t know what to do, so I do what any new baby does. I cry, I yell and scream so loud my lungs feel like bursting. The cold metal of the scales gives me a fright as I’m jostled about from one pair of hands to the next until I finally make it into a warm blanket and the arms of someone I know. The smell is the same and once again I feel warm and safe.

Word count – 115


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