My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Frozen War

on March 5, 2009

As the cold of the storm settled in our hearts
it settled our resolve, the dropping mortars wouldn’t win
while we lived and breathed on our own soil.

Our barricades defenceless, our men volunteers;
rifles and clips were handed over to civilians with all the normal fears.
We faced death and lived, defeated the enemy
on our own ground.  Their information old and useless
their volunteers unwanted at home.  They had no reason to win.

Our houses and families stand solidly beside us
helping us remember what we’re fighting for.
As the tanks and guns roll onto land passed the flames they created
three civilians roam the streets armed. A sniper and mortars
what else do they need? A cunning plan.

While children quake in an older mans boots,
those three now down to two, a dual shot in the air
causes confusion and panic rife, the enemy
fought amongst themselves, a window of escape
for the boys talking about war like school.

Sat on the doorstep of death.


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