My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A Mile in His Shoes

on March 4, 2009
You see him on the street day to day
and judge him by the things you see.
His ragged clothes and dirty hair,
the way people look and stare.
He sits each day in the same filthy place
and doesn’t care what people think.

Take off those shoes that you wear
and slip into something less comfortable.
Walk a mile in the shoes of that man
and maybe one day you’ll be his fan.
He lost his family and house, nothing left
so now he waits for a change of fate.

So know you know the reason why
this man sits alone with a tear in his eye.
His memory the only thing that remains
now his life will never be the same.
So next time you see him don’t look and stare
just be thankful you’re not the one sitting there.


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