My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 22.7

on February 21, 2009






Moved house

Teddy bear


Happy feelings


Ben’s Story

I sat in a store for a couple of weeks before someone came and bought me. I’m a pink and white bear about twenty inches high and since being in that store over twenty years ago I’ve been on such a journey. When I got home on that first day I was passed around all the grown-ups and then someone lay me on some Christmas paper and wrapped me up, set me down under the tree and left me. That is, they left me until Christmas morning. I wanted a hug. When I was unwrapped by a little girl the first thing that hit me was that the man that had come into the store to buy me wasn’t there. The mood wasn’t as fun as I’d expected, people were upset and I never saw that man again. The little girl though, she took me everywhere with her, I even worked as a substitute pillow when she was upset and needed a hug. I’ve been to Cyprus, I joined the RAF with her, I’ve sat beside her on long car journeys when she’s been out with family. I’ve sat on the bed and watched her study and as she’s moved house, I’ve moved with her.

Twenty years have passed and the little girl isn’t that little anymore, her tears are for different reasons now, but I still sit at the end of her bed, or cuddle her when she needs a hug. Just because she has grown up doesn’t mean her needs have changed that dramatically, she has someone different wipe away her tears and dry her face now, it’s not mummy or daddy anymore, but the person she knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with. I’m comfortable, I have friends but I’m still first place in her heart amongst them, she never picks anyone else up first. She looks after me, mends my cuts and bruises, keeps me clean and tidy and gives me all the cuddles I went without in those first two weeks.


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