My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 22.3 Memory of a Place – School

on February 20, 2009

Associative memory:-School WRSC


Public Speaking



Art Classroom

Large playing fields

Separate quads

PE Theory – Mrs Mottram

Swimming pool

Debdale park, reservoirs and orienteering

Mr Bainbridge dancing on the tables

Mr Pimlott telling people he was called Septemus and not Steve

Arguing with Leanne about Mark Barlow

Music lessons at lunch time, singing to the mock GCSE exams

Collecting results and calling mum crying

Signed shirts and books

English, Kevin and Sadie, Mrs Ashton – red hair


3x = 12, x = 36

leavers assembly


Narrative Memory:-School WRSC

School, on the first daunting day

I got lost trying to find my way.

Corridors full of noise and shouting

and in English we sat in a ring

Kevin and Sadie got to escape

While we were taught how humans mate.

Septimus caused the young confusion

in his art room, it’s not an illusion.

Our gang used to sit in the upper quad

and debate religion and even God.

PE got harder and lessons more often

we’d see Mrs Mottram soon begin to soften.

The exams went quickly both mock and real,

in the music one we began to sing and squeal.

The assembly was long and records handed out

before the tears began to spout


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