My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 21.8 Past and Present Tense

on February 20, 2009


I was nervous on the drive to Doncaster from Manchester; I was on my way to a new place, eighty miles away to knock on the door of someone I’ve never met before. Sure I’d spoke to him on the phone once or twice, I knew a bit about him, like the fact that he was in the RAF. That made me think that he’d be a nice guy. He was on sick leave at the time I went, he had an accident on the low ropes obstacle course and damage his back. As I stepped out of my car where the satellite navigation system had directed me to and noticed how deserted the street was. I checked my hair and make-up one last time before knocking on the front door not knowing what to expect. As it opened I had to strain my neck to look in the eyes of this guy, who I now realised was a complete stranger! He invited me in and we began to talk. Word count 170

As I drive around this completely strange, new area my nerves start to dawn. I’ve never met this guy before, in fact we’ve only spoken a couple of times on the phone. What am I doing here? I’m eighty miles from home in an area I don’t know who can come to my rescue if it all goes wrong. I mean, look at this street – it’s empty! Completely empty. I’m here now and I wish that sat nav would shut up! I’m fed up of hearing it. Take a deep breath; check your hair and make-up. You’ve been in the car for over an hour, it fades, just a quick check. Should I turn around and go home? No, I’m here now, he’s in the RAF, he must be nice. Let’s see, bag, handbag, phone, check. Got them. Okay, lock the doors. Deep breath, tap don’t bang. He’s nothing like what I expected. I like his smile, I feel better now. Word count 161


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