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Activity 15.2 – using the senses

on January 27, 2009

Object:- Television

A box full of dreams balanced on a shelf
A teleport to new worlds, new times
A crash of sound on the ear
A musical piece with pictures
A neutral smell of plastic casing
A hold on the human mind
A giver of emotion
Smooth and rough all at the same time
The speakers are warm and vibrate
The buttons are a ridge under the finger, a crevice underneath


2 responses to “Activity 15.2 – using the senses

  1. Michael says:

    Like this Kirstyanne.much "tighter" if that makes sense.Think with poetry every word has to count.This does exactly that.

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    cheers hun xxx none of the sentences actually form a poem, strangely enough it was a list

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