My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

14.6 reworked

on January 27, 2009

As I stalk through the streets on feather light toes

I think of the ages that have come to pass

The world has changed while I remain the same

Although the landscape around me is changing


My senses are sharp, the images crystal clear

Though my movement is a mere blur to humans.

I’m picking up a scent on the air

As I walk through the darkened city streets


Someone is hurt, cut and bleeding even,

My next game, is waiting around the corner

Will they run or freeze in fright

As they see my fangs moving towards their neck?


While I bring on the death of a stranger

I think about my friends that have lived

And died in the blink of an eye

As my half life continues unbroken.


My family will sleep for an eternity

In a coffin not much unlike my own

My protector from the sun in the sky

The only threat to my immortality


Sometimes I think to find a mate, to explain my being

I’m not sure that the choice to play God is mine

I love you, but by the way I’m a vampire

Would you like to become immortal?


I’m not sure a human would like that

A relationship based on half truths and lies

I need to know for certain that it’s the right choice

To spend all the ages with one person is such a long time


To look for a friend who’s already been turned

Would take a considerable amount of time

My species is very few and far between

Evolution to our level a rare prospect for humans


The father of all vampires lies dormant now

When he was young though he created a second creature of the night

The Lichen, our arch nemesis in the shades

Known in human stories as werewolves turning under a full moon


The battle has raged for centuries so far

With no end in clear sight for us

What I’d give to watch one more sunrise

Before a perpetual slumber.


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