My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

14.6 again

on January 27, 2009

As I stalk through the night on feather light toes
I think of the ages that have come to pass
The worlds landscape mutates around me
While I remain unchanging

My senses are sharp, the images are crystal clear
Though my movement is a mere blur to humans.
I’m picking up a scent on the air
As I haunt the city’s shadows

Someone is hurt, bleeding, bleeding fresh blood
My next game, is waiting,  just around the corner
Will they run or freeze in fright
When I deliver my deathly kiss?

While I bring on the death of a stranger
I think about my friends that have lived
And died in the blink of an eye
As my half life continues unbroken.

My family will sleep for an eternity
In a coffin decayed, whilst my own endures
My protector from the sun in the sky
The only real threat to my immortality

Sometimes I think to find a mate, to explain my being
I’m not sure that the choice to play God is mine
I love you, but by the way I’m not of this world
‘Would you like to taste immortality?’

I’m not sure a human would like that
A relationship based on half truths and lies
A human doesn’t have to live with their deceit for long
My lifetime is that of the Earth I live on and my pain endures

To look for a friend who’s already been turned
Would take a considerable amount of time
My species is in a minority hidden away
To evolve to my status a dream for mortals

My father lies dormant now
Before he left he created a brother for me
A second creature of the night was spawned
The lichen, my arch nemesis in the shades, the shelter of the night

Yet before my rebirth I loved, lost and continued to love
I laid my heart and soul out in the open, only to shatter
What I’d give to watch one more sunrise in strong arms
Before my perpetual slumber


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