My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 14.8

on January 23, 2009

An alligator and python fight in the swamp lands


The python’s angry now

His tail’s swishing at incredible speeds

Much faster than his opponent

More agile. Wait, he’s backed away

The alligator’s spikes sting his skin

Their tails clashed mid air.


The alligator advances on the retreating snake

He’s ready to make the final strike

His jaws open wide

An incredible sight to watch this fight

As the advance continues the python’s tail moves

As fast as lightning to get a purchase on the neck


Constricting, squeezing and holding in place

The lizard without legs pulls closer

His jaw’s dislodged and opened wide

The alligator slowly ceasing to move

He’s prematurely swallowed still in motion

As the digestive juices begin to work


What’s that? A claw is poking through the skin

The alligator is pushing against the form

Of the imprisoning walls of the body it’s in

The python writhes in pain

As he fights the enemy from within

A bigger mistake he has never made


A tremendous sound echoes across the land

As the python explodes and both lizards

Lie motionless, dead in their swamped coffin.


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