My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Activity 14.6

on January 22, 2009

Writing in Persona (Vampire)


As I stalk through the night on feather light toes

The blood in my body begins to decompose

My vision is clear and images sharp

Just like my sense of smell

A scent on the air catches my attention

Someone is hurt, cut even

My mouth begins to water at the smell

Of my next meal, their mind and body, a well

Of sustenance and fulfilment

The moon is high tonight, no clouds about at all

But when it’s time for it to set I need to be on the ball

If I’m outside when the sun comes out

My skin will burn, my body shout

My existence will cease to be whole

My comfy bed, a coffin made centuries ago

When I was mere human, mortal

I’ve seen the shape of the Earth change

Era’s come and go while I remained the same

It’s lonely with no relationships – my family gone

My friends die in a blink of an eye

Their lifetime a miniscule amount of time

I have often thought of finding a mate

And changing their life completely

But who am I to make that choice?

I may be immortal, to play God though

I suppose the decision is theirs to make

How do I explain to someone my state?

A relationship based on half truths and lies

And by the way, I love you but I’m a vampire

Would you like to become immortal?

I can’t see that going down well

A way to send her running like hell.

Its dinner time and I need a drink

The blood also helps me think

I can’t be killed, I cannot die

Except for the sun in the sky

What I’d give to see one last sunrise

Before I sleep for eternity.


2 responses to “Activity 14.6

  1. fiona says:

    This is a great poem, what made you write about vampires??

  2. Kirstyanne says:

    Hi Fiona, strangley enough, it was an advert on the television. lol. Something about a Vampire, a Wearwolve and a Zomby living amongst humans as a programme, I made a note of it in my notebook and when I was reading through the instructions for the activity my mind floated back to it. Im really glad you like the poem x

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